Tribute To Om Khalthoum

A tribute to the greatest Arabic singer of all time, Om Kalthoum, and who other than “Al Set” deserves a special music tribute, to let her music meet the piano and spread around the globe!

The research was done by the lebanese composer Wajdi Abou Diab, accompanied by a solo piano arrangement for three of her best and most famous songs, performed by the excellent pianist Kaiyin Huang.

Oum Kalthoum; born on 31 December, died 3 February 1975, was an Egyptian singer, songwriter, and film actress active from the 1920s to the 1970s.

She was given the honorific title Kawkab al-Sharq(Star of the East).

Umm Kulthum was known for her vocal ability and unique style, She sold over 80 million records worldwide, making her one of the best-selling Middle Eastern singers of all time.

She is considered a national icon in her native Egypt; she has been dubbed “The voice of Egypt” and “Egypt’s fourth pyramid”

Umm Kulthum recorded about 300 songs.

There was always a personal relationship between Umm Kulthum and her audience during her performances, She would repeat lines again and again until her audience was satisfied.

The streets of a most populated Egypt were nearly empty on the days of her performances, as Cairo literally shut down while people rushed back to hear her concerts broadcast on radios.

Gradually, the first Thursdays of the month became known as “Umm Kulthum Nights”, representing social occasions and gathering for admirers.

Umm Kulthum was a political voice and an advocate for social and political issues. After Egypt’s defeat in the Six-Day War in 1967, she donated the proceeds of her concerts, an estimated $2 million, to the Egyptian government.

Many of om kolthoum songs are considered to be the best choice as an accompaniment for the belly dancers’ show, due to the long music introductions that include many variations in tempo and rhythms, the Baladi feeling of the instruments, and the publicity of the songs which helps the audience interact easily with the dance and the music.

Her funeral procession became a national event and drew more than four million people to the streets of Cairo.

Today, Umm Kulthum is remembered by the majority of Arabs as the most distinguished female singer in Arab music history.

Songs in the video:

1 – Enta ‘Omri (lika2 al sou7ab) 1964

lyrics by Ahmad Shafik Kamel

Music by Mouhammad Abed Al Wahhab

It was the first collaboration between these three great artistbof all time.

2 – Laylet Hob 1973

lyrics by Ahmad Shafik Kamel

Music by Mouhammad Abed Al Wahhab

It was the last collaboration between these three great artistbof all time.

3 – Alf leila w leila 1969

lyrics by Mersi Jamil Aziz

Music by Baligh Hamdi

For the chinese version (text) contact us here

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