Arabic Folk Tunes for Solo piano

This book is a collection of the most famous Arabic folk songs, chosen from all the Arabic region, including tunes from Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Algeria, Tunisia, Irak and more, arranged for solo piano by the Lebanese pianist and composer Wajdi Abou Diab.
This book gives the opportunity for the pianists all around the globe to play and experience the beauty of the Arabic melodies and rhythms, in a simple arrangement that maintains the spirit of those songs and reflects the story of each one of them.
At the same time, this book gives the Arabic music the chance to be performed on the most played instrument around the globe, and let it take a part in the classical recitals and concerts, and help the Arabic traditional music to be heard and performed in cultures.

You can buy a soft copy of the book from here (as PDF)

or purchase individual piece below (As PDF)

01- Bent El Shalabiya – D. Hosni/Rahbani Brothers (Lebanese Folk) Purchase here
02- Mahla Nourha – Sayed Darwich (Egyptian Folk) Purchase here
03- Zourouni – Sayed Darwich (Egyptian Folk)
04- El Helwa Di – Sayed Darwich (Egyptian Folk) Purchase here
05- Fog Elna Khel – Unknown (Iraki Folk) Purchase here
06- Reitek Ma Na’ref Wen – Lotfi Boushnak (Tunisian Folk)
07- Aman Aman – Unknown (Tunisian Folk) Purchase here
08- Sheftik Marra – Unknown (Tunisian Folk) Purchase here
09- Rozanna – Unknown (Palestinian Folk)
10- Yomma Mwel l Hawa – Unknown (Palestinian Folk) Purchase here
11- Ya Mayela – Unknown (Syrian Folk) Purchase here
12- Hawwel Ya Ghannam – Unknown (Syrian Folk) Purchase here
13- Yal Rayeh – Unknown (Algerian Folk)
14- Lama Bada Yatathanna – Mouwashah Purchase here
15- Hebi Zourni – Mouwashah Purchase here
16- Zarani Al Mahboub – Mouwashah
17- Om Kolthoum Medley – M. Abed Al Wahhab/ B. Hamdi Purchase here

Some reviews on the book

8 thoughts on “Arabic Folk Tunes for Solo piano

  1. Due to evolving traditions, today’s classical musicians mainly learn by reading and not so much by ear or by oral tradition. For pianists, like myself and many others, who crave an entry way into the world of Arabic music generally and Arabic folk music specifically Wajdi’s work fills a void! Huge admiration for his vision, his faithfulness to traditions linked with openness to new pathways.

  2. I really have to say that they are really such a lovely piano arrangements that gives the pianist the opportunity to experience and play the most well known Arabic tunes. I already gone through the whole book and recorded some of them. The composer has done a great job, Well done!!

  3. This great book gives pianists the chance to play wonderful arrangements of oriental music! Looking forward to work on them and share them with my friends in Lebanon and also with the ones in Germany, who always ask me about oriental music!
    Thank you Wajdi and Mabrouk!

  4. will there be more piano arrangements any soon ? I’m desperately searching for Fayrouz and Farid al attach piano scores. I hope many other volumes are released soon.

    1. Hello Sally, already the book includes many folk tunes performed by feyrouz (bent al shalabiya, rozana, el helwa de…) check them out! For the great Farid Al Atrash, unfortunately, his work is still under copyrights, so I can’t arrange his music for now. Thank you for asking.

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