SAMA’I WAJDI – سماعي وجدي

Wajdi Abou Diab – Music & Video
Anna Suhaila – Flute
Ramzi Hakim – Piano

“Sama’i Wajdi” Opus 22, is a piece for Flute and piano based on the traditional Arabic rhythms called “Sama’i Thaqil” of 10/8 meter, and follow the structure of the Arabic classical music form called “Sama’i” (also known as a traditional ottoman form), resembling a rondo form, with the last “Khana” (couplet) has a fast tempo and based on the “Dawr Hendi” rhythm of 7/8 meter.
The piece used the flute as a melodic instrument to call the ancient Arab world, using some microtonal elements that come from the nature of Arabic maqam music and also used as a percussion instrument to introduce the rhythmic pulsation.
After a small piano introduction, the flute plays the ‘Taslim”, or the refrain, then, moving along to explore in the Arabic Makams and modulation, inspired by the Arabic performance technique and the Taqassim.

Interview about the piece

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