Our Special Quarantine

Happy to share with you 3 of my arrangements for the great Zaki Nassif, and Melhem Barakat, in a special tribute to Lebanon!

Recorded during the quarantine by three youth ensembles, “The Arabic Ensemble of the AUB Zaki Nassif Program”, the “I.P.S.M ( أوركسترا و جوقة المتن – معهد مار مخايل الإحترافي للفنون)”, and the “North Lebanon Orchestra”.
Directed by Maestro Fadi Yaakoub
Choir voicing by Nour El Houda Kouba and Joe Azar

Ya Hnayena

Excited to share with you the live recording on my new piece for horn, violin and piano, at Irwin Hall, LAU Beirut

Inspired by the Lebanese ancient folk tune called ” Ya Hnayena”  and the “Dal’ona” rhythm, this piece combines the Arabic scales (Maqamat) and some traditional famous Arabic rhythms with the composer  language in harmony and development to present the Arabic music, and especially the Lebanese music, in a contemporary way.

French Horn: Amr Selim
Piano: Seba Ali
Violin: Sarah Mallah
Live Recording: Raghid Fadia Jureidini
Photo and video: Ramzi Kadi

“From Far Away”

An Orchestral Concert series by Taipei Civic Symphony Orchestra, Tunisia 88 Honors Choir, Kairos Arts – 凱樂思藝術, in LAU Beirut – Lebanon, and Gebze University – Turkey
Seba Ali, Artistic Director

Two Arabic orchestral arrangements by the Lebanese composer Wajdi Abou Diab was performed during this project

Longa and Samai’ – with Piano Accompaniment

This book aims to put some pieces from the classical Arabic repertoire in a form that can be presented in any classical chamber music concert along with the occidental repertoire, willing to give the Arabic music the opportunity to be performed more often by any professional musician, regardless his musical background and languages, and to occupy a status in the program of the chamber music concerts worldwide.

Chosen pieces from the wide Arabic classical repertoire, in addition to some works of contemporary Lebanese composers, arranged for solo instrument and piano, by the lebanese composer Wajdi Abou Diab, with transposed/arranged parts for

  • Instruments in C (Treble Clef)
  • Instruments in C (Alto Clef)
  • Instruments in C (Bass Clef)
  • Instruments in A – Instruments in Bb
  • Instruments in Eb
  • Instruments in F
  • Instruments in D
  • Instruments in G
  • Oud
  • Violin

The scores (complete book and parts) are available as hard or soft copies

Book Preview

World Music online course

For those interested in discovering the music and culture of Ancient civilizations, Check out my new course “World Music”
No musical knowledge required, for all ages (above 12)
Course details:
16 sessions, 2 sessions/week, 90 min/session, flexible time
Group or individual classes are available
Course given via zoom

Course topics
Part one: Far East
1- China
2- Japan
3- Indonesia
4- India
Part two
1- Africa
2- Native america
Part 3: Middle east
1- Ancient Egypt
2- Ancient Mesopotamian
3- Persian Traditional
4- Turkish
5- Sufi
6- Traditional and classical Arabic

for more info send an email on the contact us page, or give us a phone call on

00961 70180365 (whats-app available)

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