« Worker’s March » – Opus 5 – for Orchestra (2018) (13’30)

The “Marching” in this piece refers to every day’s workers’ march, which doesn’t abide by the rules of standard and fixed rhythms that we’re used to hearing in classical march music.
The whole piece describes the life of these beautiful people and their fight against nature and the war at the same time.

The Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra
Maestro Manfred Maessauer
” Vienna in Beirut ” concert, 2020-01-10

St. Joseph Church – Monot – Beirut – Lebanon
Filmed by Fadi Saade

Oriental sketches – Movement I
Oriental sketches – Movement II

« Oriental sketches » – Opus 2 – for orchestra (2018) (8’)

Oriental sketches is a suite of four dances that reflect the Arabic folk music in rhythms and scales, combined with the orchestra power and colors, to present our Arabic tradition in a symphonic contemporary view.

The Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra
Conducted by Maestro Manfred Mussauer Beirut 12/1/2018

Oriental sketches – Movement III
Oriental sketchesMovement IV

Majnoun Layla suite for piano (and optional Req)

Music by Wajdi Abou Diab

Dedicated to and performed by Kaiyin Huang (Piano)

Arabic percussion by Rouied Mahmoud

Cover and graphics by Mohammad Aloush

Poems by Qays Ebn AL Moulawwah

Translated by Hanin Nakouzi

Wild Peazold – Opus 8 – For Contrabass Recorder and Tape

Performed by Farid Rahme Video editing by Wajdi Abou Diab

(Footages taken from free BBC Channel resources)

« Le plus Jeune » chamber music for Soprano, Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Piano and Cello (2013) (7’35)

Text by Paul Éluard
Enregistrée par Orchestre Studio de Cergy Pontoise, France 20-4-2013

1. Longa Riyad (لونغا رياض)

« Two Longas » for flute and jazz trio – By Riyad Al Sonbati and Adham Afandi (2018) (8’)

Flute: Jinan Jaffal

2. Longa Shahnaz (لونغا شهناز)

Dabkeh (دبكة) (2017)

Two Pieces for Orchestra by Nabil Jaafar

Composed originally for piano solo by “Nabil Jaafar”, orchestrated by Wajdi Abou Diab. Performed by the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Maestro Manfred Massaeur in Sain joseph church – Monot – Beirut

Variation on “Bent Al Shalabiya” (2018)

« Inner Rhyme »

Five pieces for Violin, viola and Strings orchestra

By Layale Chaker & Sarafand (2019)

« Ma Ba’da Al Holm » (ما بعد الحلم)

For Oud and Oriental Orchestra (2018) (7’)

Composed and Performed by The Lebanese oud player Abbas Kassamany

Arranged for oud and oriental orchestra by Wajdi Abou Diab

The Lebanese Oriental Orchestra

Conductor Andre AL Hajj AUB Assembly hall, Beirut – Lebanon

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