Worker’s March 

The Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra
Maestro Manfred Maessauer
” Vienna in Beirut ” concert, 2020-01-10
St. Joseph Church – Monot – Beirut – Lebanon
Filmed by Fadi Saade

Majnoun Layla suite for piano (and optional Req)

Music by Wajdi Abou Diab
Dedicated to and performed by Kaiyin Huang (Piano)
Arabic percussion by Rouied Mahmoud
Cover and graphics by Mohammad Aloush
Poems by Qays Ebn AL Moulawwah
Translated by Hanin Nakouzi

Wild Peazold

Opus 8 – For Contrabass Recorder and Tape
Performed by Farid Rahme
Video editing by Wajdi Abou Diab
Footages taken from free BBC Channel resources


Farid Rahme – Recorders (track 1 – 6)
Jinan Jaffall – flute (track 19 & 20)
Suhair Sawan – Vocal (track 13 & 14)
Tatiana Paviliko – Piano (track 13 & 14)
Zeinab Mawassy – Lyrics (track 14)
Amy Chiniara – Cover design
Raghid Jureidini – Sound engineer (Mix & Master)

Lebanese Medley 

Arranged by Wajdi Abou Diab
Choir voicing by Nour El Houda Kouba
“From Far Away” An Orchestral Concert by Taipei Civic Symphony Orchestra, Tunisia 88 Honors Choir, Kairos Arts – 凱樂思藝術
“Imagine” Workshop and Concert Series
Seba Ali, Artistic Director

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