“Majnoun Layla” is a suite of 6 movements for Piano (and optional Percussion). Recorded by pianist Kaiyin Huang, and released in October 2020, and available for streaming and purchasing through all the major’s online music stores.

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Album cover by Mohammad El Alloush

About Kaiyin Huang

Graduated from The Juilliard School and Yale School of Music, Kaiyin received the Doctor of Music Arts at SUNY Stony Brook University. She has appeared on stages around the world, in countries such as the United States, England, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, and China.
She started to embark on an unconventional musical journey after she published her first book entitled The Boiling Frog (2012), an exploration of current macro-economic phenomena and corporate social responsibility.
In 2013, Kaiyin co-founded Taiwan88, an education project that aims to bring interactive live performances to different parts of Taiwan, accessing a public unused to western classical music.
She has supported various social projects across Southeast Asian and North African countries. Her effort led to the establishment of the Myanmar Music Festival, recognized by the United Nations and supported by Aung San Suu Kyi. She was selected as one of The Ten Most Outstanding Young Persons of Taiwan.

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Kaiyin Huang

The six movements of the suite are based on poems by Kays Ibn EL Moullawah. following the text of the poems, translated by Hanin El Nakouzi.

First movement

تَعَلَّقتُ لَيلى وَهيَ غِرٌّ صَغيرَةٌ

وَلَم يَبدُ لِلأَترابِ مِن ثَديِها حَجمُ

صَغيرَينِ نَرعى البَهمَ يا لَيتَ أَنَّنا

إِلى اليَومِ لَم نَكبَر وَلَم تَكبَرِ البَهمُ

Leila was attached, and she was the one with amulets around her neck

She had no beauty yet to show

We were still young, and looking after the cattle

To this day, we wish we never grew older, and neither did our desires

Second movement

أَرى أَهلَ لَيلى أَورَثوني صَبابَةً

               وَمالي سِوى لَيلى الغَداةَ طَبيبُ

إِذا ما رَأَوني أَظهَروا لي مَوَدَّةً

                         وَمِثلُ سُيوفِ الهِندِ حينَ أَغيبُ

I see Leila’s parents have gifted me with the heat of longing

And, I shall have none but Leila to heal my pain

When they greet me, I am met with cordiality

But as I leave, I am cursed and rejected

Third movement

أمر على الديار ديار ليلي

              أقبل ذا الجدارَ وذا الجدارَ

وما حب الديار شغفن قلبي

              ولكن حب من سكن الديارَ

I pass by the house, Leila’s house

I am faced with a wall and then another

Believe me, it is not the residence that holds my heart

Rather the resident inside it

Fourth movement

جُنِنتُ بِلَيلى وَالجُنونُ يَسيرُ

            عَلى حُبِّها عَقلي يَكادُ يَطيرُ

 وَما بِيَ إِلا حُبُّ لَيلى كِفايَةٌ

                  جُنوناً وَإِنّي في الغَرامِ أَسيرُ

I am mad about Leila, and my madness trails along

Only her love can induce my mind to fly

And only her love can fulfill my madness

And on the path of love I shall trail

Fifth movement

ألست وعدتني ياقلبُ أنّي

          اذا ماتُبتُ عن ليلى تتوبُ

فها أنا تائبٌ عن حُبِ ليلى

          فما لك كلما ذُكرت تذوبُ

O heart, did you not promise to repent Leila

if I were to repent her?

I have rued her love

So why is it that whenever her name is called you still jump?

Sixth movement (“The big funeral”)

تَوَسَّدَ أحجارَ المهامِهِ والقفرِ

              وماتَ جريح القلبِ مندملَ الصدر

فياليت هذا الحِبَّ يعشقُ مرة

                        فيعلمَ ما يلقى المُحِبُّ من الهجرِ

He found his solace in between the desert and stones

He died, wounded in the heart

His chest was still aching from the blow

O if only his lover were to love once!

So, as to understand the solitude that lovers must endure

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