Music production and composing

All kinds of music composing and production from classical music to contemporary, music de film, theatre music, commercials, song writing and many others


For a chamber ensemble, orchestra, choirs, marching band, bands etc.

Transcriptions and reductions

Transcription for any score to be played by another instrument;
Work is available in many styles including classical, contemporary and avant-garde music, jazz, rock, pop, traditional music etc.

Score typing

Copying from handmade copies, PDF files, books etc.

Music notation

Writing scores from a midi file or any audio or video format

Score editing

Revision, fingering, range correction etc.

Parts and blank pages

Writing parts for an orchestral or ensemble sheet, creating blank page that contains all the info about the piece and the symbols used in the piece etc.

Cover design

Our designers’ team can offer the best covers for your score books

Sheet music videos

Making a video for the score so you can listen and follow the music on score


We provide online classes on composition, music theory, piano performance and world music

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