Arabic Folk Tunes
For solo Piano

This book is a collection of the most famous Arabic folk songs, chosen from all the Arabic region, including tunes from Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Algeria, Tunisia, Irak and more, arranged for solo piano by the Lebanese pianist and composer Wajdi Abou Diab.

Longa and Samai’ – with Piano Accompaniment

Chosen pieces from the wide Arabic classical repertoire, in addition to some works of contemporary Lebanese composers, arranged for solo instrument and piano, by the lebanese composer Wajdi Abou Diab, with transposed/ arranged parts

Takassim – Opus 1
Suite for recorders

Suite of 6 miniature pieces for the recorder family (and harpsichord) which may be played together or separately. Each piece is written for an instrument and is based on an Arabic scale or/and rhythm.
The pieces reflect the spirit of the Arabic folk tune and folk dance.

Warm-up Chorales
for orchestra

A collection of 9 chorales taken from famous classical music pieces by Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Schubert… to be used as warm-up exercises for your music ensemble, suitable for any level and any kind of ensemble from quartet to symphony.

“Wild Peatzold”
for Contrabass recorder and Tape

Accompanied by a pre-recorded tape including orchestra, electronics, and many sound effects recorded by the composer.
This piece should be played with amplification and using an effect pedal

Scales and Arpeggios
for piano – volume 2

Scales and arpeggios fingering for Piano are designed to help the students learning the scales, with clear fingering and big font, coloring the black keys in black and white keys in white, what make the main focus on fingering and Techniques.

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