“Majnoun Layla” suite

“Majnoun Layla” is a suite of 6 movements for Piano (and optional Req) Music by Wajdi Abou Diab Poems by Qays Ebn AL Moulawwah Translated by Hanin Nakouzi Cover and graphics by Mohammad Aloush Dedicated to Kaiyin Huang After been commissioned by the Taiwanese excellent pianist Kaiyin Huang, to write a solo piano piece (withContinue reading ““Majnoun Layla” suite”

Arabic Folk Tunes for Solo piano

Take a journey into the beauty and drama of Arabic melody and rhythm with award-winning Lebanese composer and pianist Wajdi Abou Diab, as he explores some of the most popular songs of the Middle East and North Africa. His arrangements for solo piano encapsulate the spirit of these famous songs and the richly poetic storiesContinue reading “Arabic Folk Tunes for Solo piano”