WORKERS’ MARCH (رصّوا الصفوف)

For Orchestraca. 12′

2(2pic) 2( 2(2/B.Cl) 2(2Cbsn) – 4 2 3(3b.tbn) – 4perc – str

Premiered 2020-01-10, St. Joseph Church – Monot – Beirut – Lebanon
The Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra
Maestro Manfred Maessaue

The “Marching” in this piece refers to every day’s workers’ march, which doesn’t abide by the rules of standard and fixed rhythms that we’re used to hearing in classical march music.
The first movement is a march on 3/4 & 7/4, inspired by an ancient folk tune that the Tabacco workers used to sing in the north of Lebanon during the agriculture and the harvest, combined with another original theme, and many folk Arabic rhythms.
The second movement, the “Dabke”, a folk dance known in the middle east area, describes the scene when the locusts cover the sky of Lebanon in 1915 and cause many catastrophes during the harvest.
The whole piece describes the life of these beautiful people and their fight against nature and the war at the same time.