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Wajdi Abou Diab, Global Youth Ambassador at World Music Conference 2021

World Music Conference | Wajdi Abou Diab | Global Youth Ambassador | Lebanon | Introduction video

I am honored to present Lebanon at the World Music Conference 2021, where I will share my experience as a founder, artistic director, and conductor of “Orchestra Al Mokhyam”, and “Choueifet Orchestra and Choir”, and talking about how music, through the orchestra practices and routines, can be used as a powerful tool to protect our kids from any cultural, sociological, psychological, and even physical dangers.

You can follow the World music Conference activites through there website

What next?

  • Release of « The Mouraba’ Dance » – Opus 13C – for Solo Viola, with Violist Noemi Chemali
  • Release of the song cycle « دعوة موت الى العشاء » with Soprano Lara Joekhadar and Pianist Liana haratyunyan – text by Zanoubia Zaher
  • Recording of the piece « A tune for Amer’s Horn » – Opus 10 – for French horn, piano and double bass

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The Unsquare Suite is a suite of five pieces for concert band, composed as a reflection for the asymmetrical world that we live in. Based on many Arabic ancient traditional rhythms, the first movement takes a journey on the 11/8 rhythm called “AL AWISS” with a small introduction, then a lyrical theme, followed with aContinue reading “THE UNSQUARE SUITE”


Composed By Wajdi Abou DiabFrench Horn: Amr SelimPiano: Seba AliViolin: Mario RahiRecorded, mixed, and mastered at redbouth studio “BEL AFRAH” (بالأفراح) – opus 11B for French Horn, Violin, and Piano.This Trio is the second in the Opus 11, inspired by the Arabic wedding tradition, and a folk tune that used to be sung during theseContinue reading “BEL AFRAH | FRENCH HORN TRIO | بالافراح”

Tribute to Wadih El Safi

A special tribute to the great Lebanese singer and songwriter WADIH EL SAFI, With our special guest Dr Elia Francis El Safi (Wadeeh El Safi brother) talking about Wadeeh’s life and music, and a selection of Wadih’s immortal melodies (Mawwal Lebnan ya ot’it sama, Ya bou l Marjaleh, Mawwal Walaw) arranged for piano by theContinue reading “Tribute to Wadih El Safi”

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Arabic Folk Tunes
for solo piano

This book is a collection of the most famous Arabic folk songs, chosen from all the Arabic region, including tunes from Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Algeria, Tunisia, Irak and more, arranged for solo piano by the Lebanese pianist and composer Wajdi Abou Diab.

Dances for an asymmetrical world

Four Pieces from my composition list – that happened to be opus 1, 2, 3 and 4 – chosen for this album, inspired by the Arabic traditional music, melodies, rhythms, dances and folklore, and developed in a contemporary unique way, to reflect the contradictions, traditions, and conflicts of our societies.

Longa and Samai’ – with Piano 

Chosen pieces from the wide Arabic classical repertoire, in addition to some works of contemporary Lebanese composers, arranged for solo instrument and piano, by the lebanese composer Wajdi Abou Diab, with transposed/ arranged parts

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