Choueifat Band & Choir (CBCLEB)

CBCLEB members – credits to Salam Bou Orm

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Choueifet Orchestra and Choir is a project founded by the Lebanese composer Wajdi Abou Diab in 2018, in Choueifet city, as an activity for the children and teenagers studying music in the Lebanese higher conservatory of music – Choueifet branch, and later on for any musician living in or near the city.
Wajdi currently is the artist director, arranger, choir leader, and main conductor of the orchestra and the choir.
The Orchestra performed many concerts starting in 2018, with a wide repertoire including Arabic folks and classical Arabic music, classical European repertoire, world music, movies soundtrack, and much more, in which the SA choir sings in more than 5 languages including Arabic, English, French, Latin, Japanese, Finish.
After a one-year stop due to Covid-19, the orchestra and the choir restarted the rehearsals again in Choueifet city in October 2021.

CBCLEB LOGO by Dana Kazma

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