DABKET El 2020


A new project I worked on during the last 2 weeks of 2020, I wrote a short melody Inspired by the Lebanese folk dance called Dabkeh, to celebrate the end of the 2020 year, and to dance with those who survived it! I recorded the same piece 12 times, and I shared one recording per day for 12 days, with each video featuring a new instrument and a new friend, with the 2020 Dabkeh band joining us in all the videos to celebrate the end of a messy year!

Album Cover

The album was released in February 2021, and is now available for streaming and purchasing through all the major online music stores.

you can download your instrument score for free on the Free scores page

for “Bass Trombone
Performed by Joshua Gaub
for “Clarinet in Bb”
Performed by Marvin Madi
for “a pianist with a dog”
Performed by Joseph Saleh
for “Piccolo”
Performed by Antonio Mallah
for “Vibraphone”
Performed by Christelle Njeim
for “Oud”
Performed by Abbas Kassamany
for “Violin”
Performed by Joelle Khayyat
for “Tenor Saxophone”
Performed by Thomas Horing
Bepop version with solo
Peformed by Ramzi Bou Kamel
for “Double bass”
Performed by Makram Aboul Hosn
for “Bassoon”
Performed by Bălănuță Irina Elena
for “Trumpet”
Performed by Ion Todei
for “Clavietta”
Performed by David Bohn
for “French Horn”
Performed by Louis Verchere

Meet “Dabket El 2020” Characters from Left to Right

Barda’ (بردع), Shaflah (شفلح), Jamloot (جملوط), Satlan (سطلان), Safkhath (صفخظ), and Shalshaban (شلشبان)