Dances for an Assymmetrical World


Four Pieces from my composition list – that happened to be opus 1, 2, 3, and 4 – chosen for this album, inspired by the Arabic traditional music, melodies, rhythms, dances, and folklore, and developed in a contemporary unique way, to reflect the contradictions, traditions, and conflicts of our societies.
Our world is full of contrast since forever: humanity/inhumanity, silence/sound, reality/dreams, sedulity, and exploitation…
And we spend our entire lives searching for the balance between these contraries…
It’s time to stop searching and to understand our unbalanced and asymmetrical nature, so we can feel the rhythm that governs the universe, and dance freely to it.

The album was released in September 2019, and is now available for streaming and purchasing through all major online stores.


Farid Rahme – Recorders (track 1 – 6)
Jinan Jaffall – flute (track 19 & 20)
Suhair Sawan – Vocal (track 13 & 14)
Tatiana Paviliko – Piano (track 13 & 14)
Zeinab Mawassy – Lyrics (track 14)
Wajdi Abou Diab – Piano/ Harpsichord/ Electronics/ Lyrics
Cover design – Amy Chiniara
Sound engineer (Mix & Master) – Raghid Jureidini

Booklet I
Booklet II