THE MORABA’ DANCE (رقصة المربّع)

Honorable mention in Gardner composition competition by The American Viola Society, “The Mourba’ Dance” is a contemporary Arabic piece for solo viola written under the request form, and recorder and premiered by, the Lebanese-American violist Noemie Chemaly “The Mouraba’ Dance” Opus 13C is a piece for solo Viola, based on the traditional ancient Arabic rhythmContinue reading “THE MORABA’ DANCE (رقصة المربّع)”

THE KHOSH RANK DANCE – رقصة الخوش رنك

Composed by Wajdi Abou Diab Performed by Jana Semaan Recorded at Redbooth Studio “The Khosh Rank Dance” – Opus 13B, is a piece for solo Cello based on the traditional ancient Arabic rhythm called “Khosh Rank”, which was used in old Arabic tribes to make horses and camels dance by their Arab riders. The rhythmContinue reading “THE KHOSH RANK DANCE – رقصة الخوش رنك”