Composed By Wajdi Abou DiabFrench Horn: Amr SelimPiano: Seba AliViolin: Mario RahiRecorded, mixed, and mastered at redbouth studio “BEL AFRAH” (بالأفراح) – opus 11B for French Horn, Violin, and Piano.This Trio is the second in the Opus 11, inspired by the Arabic wedding tradition, and a folk tune that used to be sung during theseContinue reading “BEL AFRAH | FRENCH HORN TRIO | بالافراح”

Puccini International Opera Composition Course 2021

The PUCCINI International Opera Composition Course is a course addressed to composers willing to investigate thoroughly all compositional techniques in use in opera writing today, focusing both on the Italian tradition and on the genre’s contemporary international developments.

THE SIKAH DANCE for solo flute | رقصة السيكاه

THE SIKAH DANCE | رقصة السيكاه Opus 23 Composed by Wajdi Abou Diab Performed by Ramy Maalouf Recorded at Jihad Zgheib StudioMastered by Charbel Bark “Sikah Dance” is a solo piece for flute, based on the Arabic traditional rhythm “Sama’i Aksak” which is a combination of two rhythms: the Arabic rhythm Sama’i thaqil with 10/8Continue reading “THE SIKAH DANCE for solo flute | رقصة السيكاه”

OPERA WORLD, here I come!

I am thrilled to receive an invitation from Cluster to attend the fifth edition of the PUCCINI International Opera Composition Course, that will be held in lucca – Italy from July 18 till august 1, 2021. “I hereby declare that composer Maestro Wajdi Abou Diab is officially invited to the fifth edition of the PUCCINIContinue reading “OPERA WORLD, here I come!”

Blog Content

THE UNSQUARE SUITEPublished on 17 September, 2021(read more…) BEL AFRAH | FRENCH HORN TRIO | بالافراحPublished on 8 September, 2021(read more…) Tribute to Wadih El SafiPublished on 13 August, 2021(read more…) Puccini International Opera Composition Course 2021Published on 8 August, 2021(read more…) THE SIKAH DANCE for solo flute | رقصة السيكاهPublished on 18 June، 2021(read more…) OPERA WORLD,Continue reading “Blog Content”

THE KHOSH RANK DANCE – رقصة الخوش رنك

Composed by Wajdi Abou Diab Performed by Jana Semaan Recorded at Redbooth Studio “The Khosh Rank Dance” – Opus 13B, is a piece for solo Cello based on the traditional ancient Arabic rhythm called “Khosh Rank”, which was used in old Arabic tribes to make horses and camels dance by their Arab riders. The rhythmContinue reading “THE KHOSH RANK DANCE – رقصة الخوش رنك”

THE AWISS DANCE – رقصة العويص

Wajdi Abou Diab – Music and videoDustin White – Bass Flute The world premiere performance was given on April 16, 2021, at West Virginia University’s Bloch Hall by Dustin White. The Piece is included in the “RI Ra” album after winning the call for score by Dustin White for his album project. “The Awiss Dance”Continue reading “THE AWISS DANCE – رقصة العويص”

SAMA’I WAJDI – سماعي وجدي

Wajdi Abou Diab – Music & Video Anna Suhaila – Flute Ramzi Hakim – Piano “Sama’i Wajdi” Opus 22, is a piece for Flute and piano based on the traditional Arabic rhythms called “Sama’i Thaqil” of 10/8 meter, and follow the structure of the Arabic classical music form called “Sama’i” (also known as a traditionalContinue reading “SAMA’I WAJDI – سماعي وجدي”