Arabic Heterophony – French Premiere

At the invitation of the Ginkgo association, the Austrasia Quartet will perform as part of the Euroméditerranée Cultural Festival on Saturday, May 20, 2023, at 4 p.m. at the Maringer 36 quai de la Bataille cultural space in Nancy. In the program :Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791): quartet KV 458 in B flat major “The Hunt”JoaquínContinue reading “Arabic Heterophony – French Premiere”

Six Variations in the Arabic style” for solo french horn

A CONTEMPORARY PIECE FOR SOLO FRENCH HORN MUSIC BY WAJDI ABOU DIAB PERFORMED BY LOUIS VERCHERE This piece consists of six variations on a very famous old Arabic folk tune, demonstrating in every variation a scene from Arabic folklore and traditional music, aimed to introduce the musician and the audience to the beautiful world ofContinue reading “Six Variations in the Arabic style” for solo french horn”

How my French Horn Catalogue did it to Geneve?

It all started when my proposal was chosen for a residency program in La Cite Musical de Saintes, back in 2022 in the Abbaye aux Dames beautiful historical site.There, I met Louis Verchere, the french Horn professor at the conservatory of Saintes, and through my master classes with his students, and several discussions with himContinue reading “How my French Horn Catalogue did it to Geneve?”

THE SAMA’I AQSAQ DANCE (رقصة السماعي أقصاق)

For solo microtonal trumpet in Bb – ca. 7’30 Happy to announce the YouTube premiere of “The Sama’I Aqsaq Dance” ( رقصة السماعي أقصاق) beautifully recorded by Vasilis Nalbantis and mastered by Charbel Bark. Bellow some words about the piece. “The Sama’i Aqsaq Dance ” is a piece for solo microtonal trumpet in Bb, basedContinue reading “THE SAMA’I AQSAQ DANCE (رقصة السماعي أقصاق)”


This collection of four short concert pieces for beginners is intended to introduce the new musicians, as well as the audience, to the world of Arabic music in a fun and enjoyable way, and is designed to make the ensemble practice easy and productive. Every piece introduces a scene from Arabic folklore, inviting the littleContinue reading “FOUR ARABIC SKETCHES FOR OUR FUTURE MUSICIANS”


As a part of THREE WINDS by THE ARC PROJECT, the piece ARAB-BORESCENT SYMMETRY for wind trio (Flute, Oboe, and Clarinet in Bb) was premiered by the amazing Anna Palko (Flute), Desmond Clarke (Oboe), and Sapphire Littler (Clarinet), and streamed live through the Arc Project’s social media pages and YouTube Channel. The aim of thisContinue reading “ARAB-BORESCENT SYMMETRY IN THREE WINDS BY THE ARC PROJECT”

A Tune For Amer’s Horn | Mata festival and the International Contemporary Ensemble

Happy to share with you the premiere of my piece “A TUNE FOR AMER’S HORN” for French Horn, Piano, and Double Bass, which was premiered on May 6, 2022, by the International Contemporary Ensemble at the 2022 MATA Festival, at National Sawdust in Brooklyn, New York. Dedicated to my friend Amer Slim, this 12 minutesContinue reading “A Tune For Amer’s Horn | Mata festival and the International Contemporary Ensemble”

Saintes Residency April 2022

As a part of the NAFAS program (LA RESIDENCE D’ARTISTES ET PROFESSIONNELS DE LA CULTURE LIBANAIS), I was invited to spend three weeks in the Abbaye Aux Dames in the beautiful city of Saintes – France.During this residency period of three weeks (10 – 30 April), I was planning to work on my “Arabic VerticalContinue reading “Saintes Residency April 2022”

Arabic Vertical Poems for Piano

English below قصائد عمودية للبيانو هو عبارة عن عمل موسيقي يجمع ما بين الادب و الموسيقي في محاولة لربط التاريخ الادبي والموسيقي العربي العريق بالموسيقى المعاصرة، بهدف ابتكار تيار موسيقي عربي معاصر يستلهم الافكار الجديدة من رحم لغتنا الأم. ويرتكز المشروع على  اختيار 16 قصيدة من التراث الادبي العربي،  منظومة على ستة عشر بحرا مختلفا،Continue reading “Arabic Vertical Poems for Piano”

MY INTERVIEW ON “Forum für Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte Transnational”

I was pleased to be a guest of Dc. Fida’a Soubaiti, on her program hosted by the “Forum für Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte Transnational“, on Wednesday, March 30.After a small introduction by Dc. Fida’a about me and my background, I started with a presentation about my project The Lebanese Living Composers Channel, then Free Music EducationContinue reading “MY INTERVIEW ON “Forum für Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte Transnational””