Works for Recorder

Two opuses by Wajdi Abou Diab, dedicated to this amazing beautiful instrument!

Opus 1

Taqassim suite for recorder family and harpsichord

Taqassim “تقاسيم” is a suite of 6 miniature pieces for the recorder family (and harpsichord) which may be played together or separately.

Each piece is written for an instrument and is based on an Arabic scale or/and rhythm. The pieces reflect the spirit of the Arabic folk tune and folk dance.

They are named by the names of these tunes.

The 6 pieces are:

1. موّال” من جنس صبا وايقاع دور هندي” (Mawwal) For alto recorder

2. موشّح” من جنس حجاز وإيقاع سماعي ثقيل” (Mouwashah) For bass recorder and harpsichord

3. دبكة” من جنس بياتي وإيقاع أقصاق” (Dabkeh) For soprano recorder and harpsichord

4. يا غزيّل” من جنس عجم” (Ya G’zayyel) For tenor recorder

5. زفّة” من إيقاع نيم أيون هواسي” (Zaffa) For great bass recorder mouthpiece

6. بلدي” من جنس راست وإيقاع بلدي” (Baladi) For sopranino recorder and harpsichord

this piece is dedicated to the international recorder player Farid Rahme.

The cover was designed by the artist Bachar Hijazi.

This Piece was published by the German publisher Ronald Brox (Edition tre-fontane), and recorded by Farid Rahme on recorder and Wajdi Abou Diab on harpsichord.

Opus 8

Wild Peazold – For Contrabass Recorder and Tape

WILD PEATZOILD | Contrabass Recorder and Tape | FEAT. FARID RAHME

After my friend Farid Rahme introduced me to this instrument, I borrowed it for one month to discover its capability and techniques, and start composing “Wild Peazold”.

Accompanied by a pre-recorded tape including orchestra, electronics, and many sound effects recorded by the composer, this piece should be played with amplification and using an effect pedal


Published by wajdiaboudiab

Wajdi Abou Diab is a composer of classical contemporary music, musicologist, educator, and conductor who believes in music as a way to build our cultural future while keeping us connected to our cultural history.

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