Global Youth Ambassador at World Music Conference 2021



The world music conference theme for the 2021

I am honored to be presenting Lebanon at the World Music Conference 2021, where I shared my experience as a founder, artistic director, and conductor of “Orchestra Al Mokhyam”, and “Choueifet Orchestra and Choir”, and talking about how music, through the orchestra practices and routines, can be used as a powerful tool to protect our kids from any cultural, sociological, psychological, and even physical dangers.

And i was pleased to participate in the panel discussion under the title of “Participatory music interventions for children and adolescents” that was streamed during the conference that’s was held virtually on the December 11th and 12th.

We were glad to introduce the Palestinian Folk music through our performance as “Orchestra Al Mokhayam” during the world music conference streaming on December 12th 2021.

Picture of Orchestra Al Mokhyam performance during the World music conference 2021

Check the full performance of Orchestra Al Mokhyam for the WMC here

Certificatef participation

Thank you World Music Conference for your huge effort in organizing all these valuable panel discussions, and bringing together an amazing international community of professionals in various fields including music, therapy, medicine, psychology, sociology, from 30 countries, and for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this great event helping in conveying the important message of achieving positive mental health for young people and adolescents through music.

You can know more about the World music Conference 2021 by visiting their website

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Wajdi Abou Diab is a composer of classical contemporary music, musicologist, educator, and conductor who believes in music as a way to build our cultural future while keeping us connected to our cultural history.

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