Puccini International Opera Composition Course 2021

After the participation in Lunigiana International Music Festival COMPOSITION COMPETITION 2020 , my piece “A CRY FROM THE FROZEN POLE” won a scholarship to attend the Puccini International Opera Composition Course 2021, that took place in Lucca-Italy, for 12 days from July 19th to 31th.

Attendance certificate

The PUCCINI International Opera Composition Course is a course addressed to composers willing to investigate thoroughly all compositional techniques in use in opera writing today, focusing both on the Italian tradition and on the genre’s contemporary international developments.
The course’s aim is to hand down the great opera tradition, having as a target the creation of new operas, bridging the past and the future in a new and enthralling vision.
and for me, that was the perfect introduction to the opera world!

PUCCINI International Opera Composition Course
Cluster – Compositori interpreti del presente

MIUR – Ufficio Scolastico IX di Lucca e Massa Carrara

Fondazione Franco Zeffirelli
Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca
Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca
Teatro del Giglio di Lucca
EMA Vinci Produzioni discografiche, editoriali ed artistiche

Ecce Musica – Magazine


Alessandro Solbiati (Composer and Composition Teacher of the ‘Conservatorio G. Verdi’, Milan)
Massimo Luconi (Stage Director)


Girolamo Deraco (Composer, Contemporary Opera Stage Director, Principal Teacher and Artistic Director of the PUCCINI International Opera Composition Course)
Maria Elena Romanazzi (Soprano, Performer)
Luigi Esposito (Composer, Visual artist, Sound designer, Performer pianist, Writer)
Antonio Agostini (Composer, Guitarist)
Stefano Teani (Composer, Conductor, Performer pianist)
Gabriele Micheli (Librettist, Conductor, Pianist)
Giuseppe Nicolò (Gramophones Collector, TV Presenter, Writer and Librettist)

Through out two weeks attending this course, I was pleased to meet all these amazing composers, musicians and stage directors who shared with us (me and other five composers from all around the globe) their experiences in composing,  writing, directing, and producing operas, and helped us work on our Chamber Opera compositions.
The course included several master classes on different topics related to the Opera world, starting by analyzing and discovering “The yellow sound” opera by Maestro Allessandro Solbiati, then a masterclass about “Libretto” by Librettist Grabriele Micheli, followed by a masterclass with Carlo Centolavigna about “Set Design”, and more masterclasses on “Graphic notation” by Maestro  Luigi Esposito, “Opera analysis” by Antonio Agostini, “opera arias” by Maestro Stefano Teani, “composition of operatic elements” and ” How to finalize an opera project” by Maestro Giralemo Deraco.

During those two weeks, my new chamber opera “The Dream” (inspired by the Greek – Phoenician myth “the kidnap of Oropa” ) took its final shape.

And here is the big news!

My chamber opera “The Dream” will be premiered at the Puccini chamber opera festival in May 2022! And it will be the first Lebanese opera produced in Italy!
A new phase in the Lebanese opera life will begin soon! Stay tuned!

Published by wajdiaboudiab

Wajdi Abou Diab is a composer of classical contemporary music, musicologist, educator, and conductor who believes in music as a way to build our cultural future while keeping us connected to our cultural history.

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