Tribute to Wadih El Safi

The tribute full video

A special tribute to the great Lebanese singer and songwriter WADIH EL SAFI, With our special guest Dr Elia Francis El Safi (Wadeeh El Safi brother) talking about Wadeeh’s life and music, and a selection of Wadih’s immortal melodies (Mawwal Lebnan ya ot’it sama, Ya bou l Marjaleh, Mawwal Walaw) arranged for piano by the Lebanese composer Wajdi Abou Diab and performed by Pianist Chantal Francis Menassa.

Arranged for solo piano by Wajdi Abou Diab
Performed by Chantal Francis Menassa
Special guest General Dr. Elia Francis El Safi
Recorded and mastered by Charbel Barq
Filmed and video editing by IAM production
Translated to English by Mariebelle Francis Naffah
Special thanks to Theatre Habchieh Ghazir and Ghazir municipality

Wadih El Safi rare photos
Chantal Francis El Safi plays El Safi/Abou Diab piano medley

The tribute in the Press

7-8-2021 | MTV | Alive | وجدي ابوذياب | شنتال فرنسيس الصافي
6-8-2021 | MARIAM TV | وجدي ابوذياب | شنتال فرنسيس الصافي | عالموعد
13-8-2021 | كلام تربوي | وجدي ابوذياب | شنتال فرنسيس الصافي | صوت كل لبنان

Published by wajdiaboudiab

Wajdi Abou Diab is a composer of classical contemporary music, musicologist, educator, and conductor who believes in music as a way to build our cultural future while keeping us connected to our cultural history.

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